Guangzhou Toy Fair is a great success, Thank you for your support



April 8-10, 2019

The 31st Guangzhou International Toy and Model Exhibition

Held in poly World Trade Expo Guangzhou (Pazhou)

At the same time, the 10th Guangzhou International baby carriage and baby products exhibition was held




As a leading children 's music and educational toy company in China

Benfenle toys under Jinxing toys

Piggy and The Octonauts

Two new IP toys to meet you

Echoed the positive development trend of "toys + IP" market

Piggy page and sea bottom column are not only nice but also fun.

Many participants were attracted, and the scene was lively and several times hot

In order to give participants a better real-time experience

We invited two singers to play instruments and sing on the spot

There are also exhibition cooperation media watermelon video to our exhibition area to punch in



Buddyfun booth



Buddyfun booth



Buddyfun booth



Buddyfun booth



Buddyfun booth



Live performance at the Beverly music stand



Live performance at the Beverly music stand


Peppa Pig




Piggy Paige is a little pink pig from England, whose head is a little like a hairdryer. A few years ago, piggy page animation landed on CCTV's premiere. The pig family from England suddenly exploded on the Internet.




Data show that piglet page's total playback volume of 45 billion, IP related derivatives industry to achieve rapid growth, which has gained considerable economic benefits, but also gained a good user reputation. Douban score is 9.2, with good user experience and high praise rate.



Watermelon play group video media punch in our booth



Our net red explosion toy pig piggy rowing boat



The Octonauts




The Octonauts is a well-known preschool education brand in the UK, which has been operating for 10 years, and its products include books, animation and other forms. In 2006, the UK officially launched the picture book "the ocean exploration column"; in 2010, the ocean exploration cartoon "the octonauts" created by its brand image premiered on BBC children's channel in the UK, and the movie officially landed on CCTV children's channel in July 2014.



Our submarine small column deep-sea super energy robot won the annual Functional Innovation Award


With team leader Barker as the core, the team gathered 7 partners, including doctors, biologists, photographers, mechanical engineers, etc. They are a group of small adventurers active in the sea, with their own hobbies and unique strengths. Under the leadership of team leader Barker, they are constantly exploring the unknown sea area. The exquisite picture presentation and imaginative imagination add the appreciation and interest of animation. So far, the "submarine column" has been broadcast in more than 100 countries and has been warmly sought after by fans around the world.




During the exhibition, our staff warmly received visitors from all over the world, introduced the toys in detail, and negotiated with customers. The scene was very hot. Toys + IP, refinement + environmental protection, taking into account the needs of interest and safety, so that children can truly achieve limited toys, unlimited creativity, open a new way for them to understand the world.



Introduce toys to customers



Introduce toys to customers



Introduce toys to customers



Negotiate with customers



Negotiate with customers




The booth is bustling


The booth is bustling



The booth is bustling


As the largest toy trade and information exchange platform in China, Guangzhou Toy Fair has a huge role in promoting the toy industry. We know that only with excellent product quality and better brand experience can we have greater market space, and the combination of diversified toy products and high-quality animation content is indispensable. Therefore, in 2019, we will take into account product quality and implement multiple promotion plans, from online to offline, from south to north, and expand channels to create double benefits of content and products. Thank you for your support!




We have also been doing activities to give benefits to our fans and friends, so that more children can access to our Beverly's toys, and hope that the children have a good time.


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